Complex HVP for a mini boiler room
Today, water remains the most affordable and inexpensive coolant, which leads to its use in the systems of isolation.
The availability of high-quality chemical water treatment (CWP) allows you to extend the service life of boiler equipment and reduce costs.

During operation of boiler equipment, difficulties arise due to the presence of impurities in the water, which form sediment and sediment, as well as impurities with corrosivity. Each type of pollution reduces the efficiency of the water-heating system, and in the future it can damage it. When using unprepared water, there are often problems with pumping equipment, damage to pipelines and a reduction in their section, breakdowns of heat exchangers and heating elements.

The main enemy of the thermal system is scum, due to increased water hardness. With every millimeter of scale, energy loss increases by 7-10%.

HVP "SVOD" (art. 2_MST_BB10)
The optimal solution for protection of heat exchangers and the internal surface of the heating system of a modular boiler room. Includes: Stage 1: a coarse filter of type BB10 with a polypropylene fo…
price: 4,850 UAH
HVP "SVOD" (art. 2_MST_BB20)
The optimal solution for protecting heat exchangers and the inner surface of the heating system of a modular boiler room. Includes: Stage 1: coarse filter type BB20 with a foam polypropylene cartridg…
price: 9,100 UAH
Installation HVP "SVOD" (art. 3_OFST_BB20)
Comprehensive HVP for a mini boiler room: recommended for water, with high iron content Includes: Stage 1: SVOD®-oxidizing prefilter Polypropylene cartridge with high hydrophilicity (treated with sin…
price: 15,400 UAH
Set of cartridges "SVOD" HVP 3_OFS_BB20
A set of cartridges 3_OFS_BB20 recommended for water with increased iron content 1 filtering step "SVOD®-oxidizing": Polypropylene cartridge with increased hydrophilicity (treated with singlet oxy…
price: 7,000 UAH
Filler for SVOD-AS filters
The anti-scale filter filler is applicable for all models from the "SVOD-AS" series, as well as for TOVP units. Mode of application: After removing the filter, carefully remove the used filler and…
price: 1,300 UAH
Research and Design Institute (R&D Institute) ““Water-purifying technologies”, Ukraine.
The company is made a specialty out of development and production agents in the area of water conditioning and purification. A friendly personnel is worked on tasks at hand. The staff consists of one hundred and fifty professionals of different specialities. There are modern laboratories, a development laboratory, research centre, innovation department and service in the technological infrastructure of the institute. According to demands DSTU (State Standards of Ukraine) ISO 9001-2001 it has been introduced quality management system at the company. Over the years the Institute has approved himself as reliable producer of qualitative modern products which are in charge of ecological standard. The activity of “Water-purifying technologies” is marked by many rewards of which is prize of rating “100 the best companies of Ukraine” in nomination of “Industrial ecology, conservation of energy and resource conservation”. Specialists of Institute have used experience which they have got in the performance of tasks of commercial scale when they have been creating household seria “SVOD”. That is why our filters are differed improved reliability and improved ability.
Trading house «SVOD»
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