Installation HVP "SVOD" (art. 3_OFST_BB20)
ресурс: 525 м3
price: 15,400 UAH
Installation HVP "SVOD" (art. 3_OFST_BB20)
Installation HVP "SVOD" (art. 3_OFST_BB20)
Comprehensive HVP for a mini boiler room: recommended for water, with high iron content
Stage 1: SVOD®-oxidizing prefilter
Polypropylene cartridge with high hydrophilicity (treated with singlet oxygen). Removes mechanical impurities, sand, rust, silt, scale, large suspended particles in order to further activate the filter surface.
Stage 2: “SVOD® Iron Removal” (Resource: 200 m3 (with an iron content of 1 mg / l)
It is intended for water purification from dissolved and dispersed (insoluble) iron compounds in water. Improves the color, smell and taste of water.
Stage 3: "SVOD - AS" (Resource: 525 m3)
Protection of the heating element and the inner heating surface from scale. The active substance “SVOD-AS” is an anion exchange resin treated with chemically active components using a special technology. Water passing through the filter acquires new properties that do not allow hardness salts to fall out on the heat exchange surface and shutoff valves.
Water pressure reduction - from 0.2 to 0.4 kgf / cm2
Connection - 1 "
Productivity - no more than 1 m3 / hour
The maximum water pressure is up to 0.6 MPa (6 atm).
Oxidizing filter "SVOD" Iron removal - 1 pc.
Filter "SVOD" Iron removal - 1 pc.
Anti-scale filter "SVOD-AS" - 1 pc.
Flask connector - 2 pcs.
Passport and instruction manual - 1 pc.
Installation HVP "SVOD" (art. 3_OFST_BB20)
Installation HVP "SVOD" (art. 3_OFST_BB20)